Checklist to Avoid Dubai Visa Rejection

Traveling to Dubai is a dream for many people. When the anticipated moment arrive, the opportunity to visit the worlds most luxurious city, it can be a bit overwhelming. You want everything to be perfect, so that nothing gets messed up on the way.

This includes having everything double-checked: passport, flight tickets, hotel bookings or the place to stay, and obviously, your Dubai visa. You might have everything packed ready, but without a visa, you cannot enter the country.

So you have to apply for it ahead of time to avoid any inconvenience. Even then, there is the chance of getting your visa rejected. Yes, that’s a thing, and it can get you into a lot of trouble with your trip.

Today, we are going to talk about the checklist to avoid Dubai visa rejection, and we will give you a few tips along the way. So stay tuned.

Checklist to Avoid Dubai Visa Rejection

Most of the time, it is the little things, but essential ones, that get your visa rejected. It can be due to not paying close attention to the details and requirements or just simply the work of a forgetful mind.

Checklist to Avoid Dubai Visa Rejection

This is why we are going to walk through each of the details that you need to avoid to make sure you get your Dubai visa approved on time.

Valid Passport With Sufficient Validity

The first and foremost thing that you need to apply for your Dubai visa is your passport. It should be a valid one with a minimum of six months of validity left.

This means when you arrive in Dubai, your passport should have 6 months of validity from that date. Double check that all of the details are accurate and the validity is in order.

Clear Passport-Sized Photographs

After you get your passport, you need a clear photo. A passport-size, clear photo with a white background is the standard. Additionally, the photo should have been recently taken. Older black-and-white photos are a huge no-no in the visa application. For better understanding, please check this photo requirement guide.

Return Flight Tickets

One of the main requirements of your Dubai visa is that, you provide your return flight ticket information while applying. This is for tourists who want to stay in Dubai for a short period of time. If you are unsure about it, make sure you talk with an expert before applying.

Hotel Reservations or Accommodation Details

Another essential document that may be required is your place of stay. This can be a hotel reservation, a relative’s house, or a friend’s house.

The address is the main thing, and you should be able to provide it. It is required so that you can show that you have a place to crash rather than wander the streets.

Filling out the Application Form Accurately

The crucial thing in the visa application is the application form itself. While your valid papers and documents are your own, the information you enter should match with all the information.

If there is something wrong with information you provided in the application form and the document you submitted, then it will end up in a rejection. So be extra care ful about the form fill up, take your time, and check before submitting.

Financial Documents

Sometimes, financial documents (bank statements, sponsorship letters) are required for some types of Dubai visa, including work, student, medical, and dependent visas.

Business and tourist visa applicants may be required to submit a financial document, but this depends totally on the Dubai Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Dubai Immigration Department.

The best thing to do is read your visa application form carefully and then gather your documents before filling it out. This way, you won’t be left hanging around with one part of it empty.

Medical Tests and Health Certificates

While a Dubai tourist visa does not require a medical test and health certificate to show that you are healthy enough to travel, other visa applications might require this.

The most certain visa types that require a medical test are the work visa, investor visa, or residency visa. This is a standard protocol to get to know the person who is going to stay in the country for a long period of time.

You will be able to provide these health documents easily if you check in with the approved medical facilities in your country appointed by Dubai. If you miss out on it, you know what’s coming: a visa rejection.
So now you know what you should not skip while applying for a Dubai visa. Missing one of the information from the checklist will result in your Dubai visa application rejection. However, you still need to know about the Dubai visa requirements. Let’s talk about that next.

Understanding Dubai Visa Requirements

Visiting a new country, especially a country like UAE can make you feel a bit scared at first. No matter if it is your first time or not, applying for a visa is the important thing to do. That is why we are going to talk about the Dubai visa requirements. We will also explain how each part plays a vital role in your visa application.

Dubai Visa Requirements

The typical Dubai visa requirements are as follows:

A valid passport: The passport is the most important thing. We have already mentioned it in our checklist, and your visa needs to have at least six months of validity after you enter the country.

It is the identification that tells the authority that who you are.

Photographs: You will need a passport-size photograph for your visa application. You will have to upload a color, perfect-size photograph with a white background. It should be recently taken, too.

Proof of Stay: You need to state the address you are staying at. It can be a hotel, Airbnb, or a friend’s place.

Return flight ticket: No country wants some tourists to come and start to work and move around illegally. So you need to provide proof that you are going to leave the country after your visit.

Visa application form: The main document that gets you your visa. Without filling out your visa application form, you wont get the visa. So make sure you fill it properly and don’t miss any crucial information.

These documents are a must. Sometimes for certain visa types you will need to show your financial proof, bank statements, medical test report etc. But the ones we mentioned above are a must have for all Dubai visa application.

Make sure you have them handy before applying for your Dubai visa. If the visa application still fails, what should you do? We will talk about that now.

What to Do if Your Dubai Visa Is Rejected?

As we mentioned above on the checklist that missing out on these things will lead to a rejection, sometimes it still happens. Dubai visa processing is very strict, and they will reject your visa even if there is a slight mistake.

It can be a misspelled name, the wrong passport number, not enough validity in your passport, or an empty accommodation address.

What to Do if Your Dubai Visa Is Rejected?

No matter what it is, your visa was rejected, and that’s the main issue. So what can you do now?

The best action at this point is to review your application thoroughly. As the Dubai immigration department wont let you know why your visa got rejected, you will have to review it yourself.

Luckily, there is no restriction on re-applying your visa. Yes, you can apply for your Dubai visa once again, even if it gets rejected.

Make sure to check out the application thoroughly, and don’t miss out on any of the required information and documents. When you are done with the application, you should check it one more time before you submit it.

That way, you have a higher chance of getting a visa approval.

We cannot leave you with just the answer of what to do after your visa gets rejected, can we? That’s why we also brought you some extra tips so you can get smooth sailing while applying for your Dubai visa.

Tips for a Smooth UAE Visa Application Process

By now, you already know what to do. Getting your Dubai visa before your travel is necessary. To do that, you have to apply for the visa as early as possible. This way, you will have plenty of time in hand, even if it gets rejected.

Tips for a Smooth UAE Visa Application Process

If you are unsure, you can always ask for professional advice or assistance. With years of experience processing UAE visa applications and the convenience of online visa application submission from anywhere in the world, you can apply for your UAE visa with us. It will not only get you professional advice but also the best deal for your visa.

But whenever you are filling out the form, make sure you have all the documents ready. Enter the correct information, double-check the information you have entered, and then submit them. If you are unsure of anything, make sure to ask for help.

Also, keep in mind that a visa application takes 5-6 working days to process. So, you should apply at least one to two weeks before your planned trip to Dubai so you can have ample time to redo the process if it is rejected.


Dubai visa rejection is evident if you do not provide the information according to the requirements. This means everything we have mentioned above. So make sure you have all the documents on hand and information on the ready, and then start filling out the application form.

Even after that, you have to double-check the application form before submitting it. This ensures that you are not missing any important details. Then, you can submit it with a smile on your face.

If you need further assurance that you are on the right track or need some professional eyes to check on your visa application, do not hesitate to seek it. It’s better to get it checked and approved on the first go rather than keep getting rejected.

We wish you a happy trip to Dubai. Let us know your experience after you come back.

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