How to Apply for Dubai Visa Online

Pictorial guide on how to apply visa for Dubai

Getting a Dubai visa should be a hassle-free process, thanks to the straightforward Dubai online visa application that comes with easy guidance. All you have to do is provide correct information about the applicants and submit the form online. There’s no requirement to send any hard copy of the form or supporting documents.

Guidelines on How to Apply Visa for Dubai

Applying for a Dubai visa with us is quite easy. All you require is a smartphone/computer with an internet connection. Our online application form is a step-by-step requirement that you must fulfill to apply for the visa.

Let’s walk you through the process of accurately applying for a Dubai visa, step by step.

Step 01:

There are two ways to get the online application form,

Step 02:

Here, you must fill out the information individually; make sure you select/type the accurate information. First, you need to select your Dubai visa length under the drop down field of “I Want to Travel for”. Here it indicates the length of your stay in UAE. Check below,

Step 03:

Following the next field, select your “Passport / Travel Document Issuing Country,” which means your current passport-issued country name. This is a drop-down field to select; check below,

Step 04:

After that, the next field is the “Passport / Travel Document Number,” where you need to type your Passport/travel document number.

Step 05:

You need to select your “Approximate Arrival date” from the calendar. The arrival date indicates when you want to be in the UAE.

Step 06:

Following the next field, type down your name exactly as shown on your passport. Please write your name accurately on “Surname” and “Given Name” in both fields.

Step 07:

Select your Gender and date of Birth.

Step 08:

Enter your profession and put your address in UAE if you have any. If you don’t have any hotel booking address in UAE, you can select “I Do NOT Have Confirmed Address in UAE”. In that case, an extra $5 will be added with total visa processing fees.

Step 09:

Documents Upload Check List, tick the checkbox to get access in the file upload section. Choose files accordingly for Photo, Passport, and other documents. Please see the correct photo requirements and other links before uploading the files.

Step 10:

Fill out your corresponding email address and WhatsApp/phone number for easy communication. Please note that we will email you the application confirmation letter and visa approval letter in the corresponding email. Next are “User Login Email” and “Password.“ These two will create your “Account” with us; later you can login into your account to check your UAE visa status, apply for another application and etc.

Step 11:

The final step in the Dubai visa online application is Payment information. Select your payment option for visa fees and provide payment details correctly. After that, “Tick” on the acknowledgment of terms and conditions and click the “Submit” button to submit the application successfully.

Now you know how to apply for Dubai visa online, Take your step to the application form and visit Dubai without any hassle.