UAE Visa On Arrival Countries

List of countries eligible for on arrival visa at UAE

Travelers from eligible nations can now enjoy the convenience of apply for Dubai visa on arrival. The UAE Visa on Arrival (VOA) allows eligible visitors easy access into this breathtaking country, granting them permission to stay for short periods. Simply pick up your VOA at selected airports upon arrival!

However, on arrival visa for Dubai doesn’t guarantee your entry to UAE, you must be eligible and provide all the documents required by the immigration of UAE.

How UAE Visa on Arrival Works?


Upon arrival at UAE airports, visitors will be directed to an immigration checkpoint where they can wait in line with other applicants.


The officer on duty then provides a visa-on-arrival application form which needs to be completed with the traveler's personal and passport details.


It is also necessary that, travelers are required to pay a dubai visa on arrival fees for their travel document to gain approval.


An approved UAE visa grants most nationalities up 30 days of stay where certain countries receive 90 days entry permit instead.

30 Days Dubai Visa on Arrival Country list

90 Days Dubai Visa on Arrival Country list

Dubai Visa Online

If your country is not included in this list, a pre-approved Dubai visa must be obtained before arrival. Even visa on arrival requires you to submit the necessary papers at UAE immigration on arrival. Failing to do so may result in travel restrictions or, worst case scenario, deportation.

Hence, Getting a visa on hand before landing is always secure and ensures no barrier on arrival. You can apply for your Dubai Visa with our online application. Everything can be done from the comfort of your own home in minutes. All you require is your passport, a recent photograph and you are good to go for the Dubai visa application.

Indian citizens were not eligible for a Dubai visa on arrival. But Indian people can apply online for a Dubai visa and get it approved within a few days. However, Indian nationals holding a valid US/UK/European visa/residency are eligible to receive a 14 days Dubai visa upon arrival.

Unfortunately, citizens of Pakistan are not eligible for Dubai's visa on arrival program and must instead Pakistanis can apply online for Dubai visa with the necessary documents.

Currently Egyptian nationals are not eligible for the visa free entry in Dubai. They will need to plan ahead and apply online for a tourist visa before flying to UAE.

Currently Iranian citizens aren’t eligible for a visa on arrival in Dubai. A Dubai visa must be acquired before their departure.