Dubai Visa Passport Example

Passport scanned copy example for a Dubai visa

When applying for a Dubai visa, it is necessary to upload a scanned copy of the passport’s bio-data page. The bio-data page of a passport is the page that contains the personal details of the passport holder, such as name, date of birth, photograph, passport number, date of expiry, etc.

Dubai Visa Passport Requirements

Why Passport Scan is Necessary?

Firstly, it is used to verify the identity of the applicant and to ensure that the details provided in the application form match those in the passport. This is done to prevent identity fraud and to ensure the security of the visa process.

Secondly, the passport scan page is needed to confirm that the passport is valid and that it meets the requirements for entering Dubai. This is important as UAE has specific rules and regulations regarding passports, such as the requirement that the passport must be valid for at least six (06) months from the date of entry.

Finally, the passport scan page is needed to create a record of the applicant’s details, which can be used to track the visa application and to facilitate the visa issuance process.

Overall, uploading the passport scan page is an important step in the Dubai visa application process, and failure to provide a clear and legible copy of the passport’s bio-data page can result in delays or even rejection of the visa application.