7 Incredible Things to Do While You are in Dubai

Forget about the pictures you have been seeing on social media or travel advisory websites, Dubai is a city that you must see to believe. Word of mouth from your friends who have visited the city can never be enough until you see it for yourself. From Burj Khalifa to Abu Dhabi City Tour, there is no doubt you will have the time of your life when you get to these places. And it gets better when you are in the right company and have a tourist visa for Dubai. Below, we look at 7 incredible things to do while you are in Dubai:

1. The Magnificent Burj Khalifa

Touring Dubai without visiting the magnificent Burj Khalifa is almost impossible. You can never claim that you have been to Dubai unless you have come across the world’s tallest tower that dominates the Dubai skyline. Burj Khalifa features in the Guinness Book of World Records as the tallest building in the world, with its elevator boasting of the longest travel distance in the world.
Naturally, sightseers will marvel at the true majesty of the building when they get up-close or from inside.

Burj khalifa

The building’s entry in the Guinness Book of World Records helped attract great interest from tourists from all over the world. Right now, everyone is talking about how to get a visit visa to Dubai to marvel at this architectural masterpiece.

2. Desert Safari

If you are looking for the ultimate Arabian adventure, a desert safari in Dubai will be great for you. Imagine going on a 6-hour desert safari tour in which you will get you to enjoy the red dunes and henna painting while getting to ride on a 4by4 land cruiser. Does this sound like you? If yes, then you may want to grab your camera or go live on social media to show your friends what having fun is all about.

Desert Safari Desert Safari Desert Safari Desert Safari Desert Safari
A desert safari is not restricted to cruising alone. This package lets you indulge in the Bedouin lifestyle, including quad biking, entertainment shows, came rides and sandboarding.

3. Abu Dhabi City Tour & Ferrari World

Ever dreamt of taking a Ferrari world tour in Abu Dhabi city? A tourist visa Dubai ticket will make your dreams come true. Right from the airport, you will get an air-conditioned vehicle to take you on a sightseeing tour. Get ready to experience the best rides at the Ferrari Park with your loved ones at discounted rates.

Ferrari World Ferrari World Ferrari World Ferrari World
The tour package includes some of Dubai’s magnificent places, including indoor theme parks, the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Emirates Palace and the open-air heritage. If you are a lover of nature, a trip to the fishing harbor sounds like an excellent place to be in.

4. Motiongate Dubai

If you are a fan of film-inspired tourist sites, Motiongate Dubai is the place to be. Nicknamed “Hollywood in the desert,” Motiongate Dubai is one of the best places to visit. With movie-inspired adventure parks, this place is perfect for people who are looking for complete family entertainment. The beauty of Motiongate Dubai is a clear portrayal of class thanks to the legendary film studios, including Lionsgate, Columbia Pictures, and DreamWorks animation.

Motion gate dubai Motion gate dubai Motion gate dubai Motion gate dubai Motion gate dubai Motion gate dubai
As you get immersed in the magnificent humanmade features Motiongate Dubai has to offer, try out the world-class cuisines from nearly 25 outlets and nine restaurants. At the end of your trip, do not forget to get some souvenirs to act as a constant reminder of the fantastic experience you had.

5. Legoland Dubai

If you are planning to take your child or younger sibling for a tour in Dubai, Legoland is the place to be. Bursting with color and a wide range of activities, Legoland Dubai is set to become one of the most popular places for children and other Millenials. Thanks to its six themed lands and more than forty interactive rides, kids can have fun in the Junior Driving School before they hit their 18th birthdays.

legoland dubai legoland dubai legoland dubai
If your child is the adventurous type, getting a thrilling ride in the medieval-themed roller coaster sounds like fun. It gets better when they visit the signature of Legoland theme parks and get the chance to build their city at an interactive play table. Other activities you can look forward to including playing hero at the Rescue Academy and building robots to test their imaginations.

6. Bollywood Parks

Are you a fan of Bollywood-themed films? Staying at home to watch your favorite movie only seems interesting until you get to an up-close encounter with the team from Mumbai. You can only do that when you visit Bollywood Park. Whether you are a fan of romance, comedy, adventure or music to dance, the five distinguished Bollywood Parks will have your back.

bollywood parks dubai bollywood parks dubai bollywood parks dubai bollywood parks dubai bollywood parks dubai

7. Dubai Palm Cruise

When you are about to wrap up after watching your favorite movies, then you discover the fantastic experience you will have when you go on a Dubai Palm Cruise. Imagine donning your favorite beachwear while holding a glass of wine while taking pictures. Does this seem like your idea of a tropical paradise?

Dubai palm cruise Dubai palm cruise
As you hop aboard Dubai’s only five-start luxury dinner cruise, get ready to explore the best sites of Palm Jumeriah archipelago. Feel free to enjoy the delicious international buffet and rich desserts after your sail. Do not forget to take pictures of the illuminated skyscrapers and shining lights of the Atlantis located at the Palm.

Nothing can beat the power of a beautiful country with plenty of things to do. As one of the dream destinations for different types of tourists, Dubai is filled with places for every tourist. From the theme parks, boat ride cruises, to the unique desert safaris, there is plenty of things you can look forward to depending on your budget. Before you do that, it is advisable to get your UAE visit visa online. That way, you will learn more about the places to visit and how much you will be charged. If you have never been to Dubai, the time to visit is now.

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