Dubai Travel Guide and Know How’s For Women

If you are planning to go to Dubai soon, I guarantee you it’s a place like no other on the planet. Located in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is famous for its complete aquarium and mammoth shopping malls, sight-seeing attractions like the famous Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest building in the world. This city has experienced the fastest growth over a short period, particularly for its strategic location.

Burj khalifa 124th floor aquarium Dubai mammoth shopping mall Dubai indoor ski slopes Dubai burj khalifa

This destination also features indoor ski slopes and countless cultural highlights. There are many other things you can do on your trip to Dubai, and this city has something for everyone.

Dubai is always referred to as Las Vegas without a Casino for its beauty and fast growth in the entire Middle East. Dubai has the flashiest playgrounds where you will be spoilt for choice in every aspect, from entertainment, dining experience to shopping.

Dubai is safe to tour for everyone who would love to particularly for women. Compared to other places, Dubai has managed to maintain its culture and identity, and for this reason, as a tourist, you should be informed about these norms and respect them as well. To know about the visa cost for Dubai and the requirements you can talk to UAE Visa Online’s one of visa experts anytime.

For a Woman visiting Dubai, it is very critical to be well informed about this country, such as on the magnificent spots to visit, how you should dress, and conduct yourself while in this country. It is essential as a woman to be ahead of your travel to avoid cases like culture shock.

Dubai woman traveller

Many individuals think that it is difficult and stressful for women to travel to Dubai. However, women should be very sensitive about what they wear. Below are some of the myths that a woman traveler needs to be aware of before going to Dubai.

  • Women are allowed to drive cars.
  • There are zero instances of women harassment.
  • Staying in hotels and taxis alone is safe.
  • It’s not a must to wear a headscarf, burka or a veil.

If you want to avoid unnecessary attention as a woman on travel to Dubai, make sure to dress modestly. For that is a sign of respect, and the locals will receive you warmly. Dressing modesty means covering the neckline, shoulders, and knees. While packing your essentials, include long skirts below the knee or the maxi ones and baggy cotton t-shirts and trousers.

While you errands around Dubai, be sure to stick on these guidelines;

  • Put on a wedding ring – this will make you ward off unnecessary attention.
  • If you have a male company and you are unmarried, tell people he is your husband rather than a boyfriend.
  • Wear dark glasses to avoid direct eye contact with men.
  • Avoid sitting in the taxi front seat unless a woman is driving that taxi.
  • While on public transport, go to the women section, which is at the front.
  • When you need any assistance, inquire from a woman first.
  • Avoid using public toilets when its almost time for prayer because it is usually overcrowded with Muslim women preparing to go for prayers.
  • While in the local eateries and happen to be dining alone request to be served at the family section.
  • In case you realize someone is following you in his car, take a picture of the car number plate.

If you are a swimming enthusiast, any beachwear from full- cover swimsuit for Islamic to bikini is allowed. The only thing not permitted at Dubai water parks and beaches is nudity.

If you have limited days in Dubai, it would be challenging to decide on where to start touring because of many options at hand. The top-rated to visit in Dubai are,

Dubai Mall

This mall is not only Dubai premier mall but also an entry point to Dubai Aquarium as well as Burj Khalifa. This mall is full of entertainment that is from the cinema complex, gaming to ice skating.

Dubai Mall

In this mall, you can get almost everything you want. If its food there is so much to eat, also, there is a variety of fashion and live music. While at this mall you will be able to see many things and have fun.

Dubai Museum

Dubai museum

The Dubai Museum Al- Fahidi housed and was built in 1987 as a defense against the Greeks. It’s quite a historical place that you can’t afford to miss touring. Get to know more about Dubai Museum.

Jumeirah beach

Jumeirah beach

Jumeirah beach is one of the best visitor destinations in Dubai. It features a strip of sandy white bliss with a lot of hotels strung out along the beach length. There are many other fantastic facilities along the beach, such as water sports, restaurants, sun loungers, and sports operators who offer jet skiing.

Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

Ras al khor wildlife sanctuary

This Sanctuary is a must-visit destination. The Ras Al Khor Wildlife sanctuary combines the wetland Dubai creek and Mangrove forest and is the flamingo spot, especially in winter. It is a perfect spot for bird watchers.

If you are looking for an overall satisfying travel experience in Dubai, explore more places, and stay for a longer period, you can apply for 90 days visit visa for UAE.

Dubai is a dream place; everyone should tour once in a lifetime. Don’t be left out; you will love the experience.

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