The Greatest Journey to Dubai 2020, Where to eat and drink, What to see and do and Where to stay

In recent years, Dubai has gained its popularity among all the beautiful cities. It’s a Desert city framed well with superb infrastructure and liberal policies (by regional standards), that became popular for its excellent tourist amenities. 5 hrs flight from Europe and 3 hrs flight from most parts of the Middle East, the Near East, and the subcontinent of India, Dubai makes a great short break for shopping, partying, sunbathing, fine dining, sporting events, and even a few sinful pleasures. But to get en route to Dubai you may need to get a visa. Getting a Dubai visa is quite easy if you know how to apply properly with necessary documents and Dubai visa charges.

Let’s talk about some wonderful places where you can pass your holidays in Dubai,

Burj Khalifa

You must visit the Burj Khalifa, which is a prime attraction located in the heart of Dubai. It is recognized as the tallest and most famous building in the world and dominates the Dubai skyline. The building contains more than a hundred and sixty floors and is 828 meters long.

Burj Khalifa Burj khalifa Burj khalifa

It will be your lifetime experience to see the world while standing at the top of the Burj Khalifa. Visit this place during the night rather than prime hours to get a scenic view of the city. Oh, it also has a luxury lounge at the top where you explore different corners of the Arab Emirates using the motion-sensing screen. Observations made from the deck on level 124 are stunning.

The Dubai Fountain

The Dubai Fountain is just an amazing sight to see.

Dubai fountain

It is the largest choreographed fountain in the world. The fountain looks incredibly magical, and it gives a fantastic life experience. It has six thousand, six hundred lights, and sprinkles over 22,000 gallons of water.  Tour the place during the night and enjoy the captivating music by skilled artisans as you will watch the water running from the magical fountain.

Palm Jumeirah

Tour Palm Jumeirah, which is a chain of islands that is created using land that has been reclaimed. It is the largest artificial island in the world and hosts many hotels, entrancing dining options, and resorts.

Palm Jumeirah Palm Jumeirah Palm Jumeirah Palm Jumeirah

You will have a great time visiting resorts such as Rixos the Palm Dubai, The Palm Resort & Spa, Taj Exotica Resort & Spa, The Retreat Palm Dubai, Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, Dukes Dubai, Viceroy Palm Jumeirah Dubai.

Wild Wadi Water Park

Wild wadi water park Wild wadi water park

Wild Wadi Water Park is one of the great places you can visit in Dubai. You can try almost every swimming skills in this place. It is an outdoor water park located near Burj Al Arab Jumeirah. The design in this park was inspired by the tale Juha. You can enjoy various dining options offered in its restaurants. The most surprising thing about this park is that the ticket price depends on the height of the client. Enjoy the excellent attractions and over thirty thrilling rides offered in the park

Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai desert safari Dubai desert safari

Your tour in Dubai could not be complete without a desert safari. This was another interesting adventure in this city. You can have a lifetime experience as exploring the beauty and majesty of the desert. You can interact with the traditional Bedouins, who had done this for generations. The royal Arabian Safari and five-star dinner at The Safari Desert Resort was a great adventure. Tourists are also offered a Land Cruiser and luxurious Hummer H2 and set out on a captivating nature drive across the desert and sand dunes.

Abu Dhabi City Tour

Abu Dhabi City Tour Abu Dhabi City Tour

Abu Dhabi City, which is the capital of the United Arab Emirates, has great landmarks and sites that were captivating. Enjoy the drive on the Louvre Abu Dhabi and Yas Island and later had a photo stop. Take great photos of the Abu Dhabi skyline from a strategic vantage point, which will give you fascinating memories. Visiting Sheikh Zayed Memorial for site seeing can also be a great adventure. Great views of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque from the Wahat Al Karama site are thrilling. Make a stop at the Abu Dhabi corniche skyline and enjoy the wonderful place. Qasr Al Watan, a prominent government palace, can be your last checkpoint from Abu Dhabi.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

This is one of the most interesting activities you can do in Dubai. The activity was done indoors on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is one of the first Ferrari-branded theme parks. The grounds are recorded to have the biggest space frame structure ever constructed.

Ferrari world abu dhabi Ferrari world abu dhabi2

What will more amaze you that from 2015 to 2018, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi had been named the Middle East’s Leading Tourist Attraction. I enjoyed various fun activities offered, including Ferrari car racing.

Dubai Cruise Dinner

Dubai cruise dinner

Dubai Cruise dinner was an unforgettable experience. Cruise down the heart of Dubai and had an amazing time. The Dhow Cruise is a traditional cruise. You will have experience of a continental buffet and a genuine Arabic relaxing atmosphere accompanied by soothing background music.

Dubai cruise dinner Dubai cruise dinner Dubai cruise dinner

This cruise dinner was a romantic and elegant tour package. It had a beautiful venue that will give you an opportunity to express love, concern, and care to your beloveds.

The Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall

Your experience in the Dubai mall will be one of the most thrilling ones. It is one of the biggest and most elegant malls in the world. You can have a great time shopping in the mall, which hosts more than a thousand shops. It has various entertainment, dining, and leisure options filled with exclusivity and glamour. You’ll find women’s, men’s and children’s fashions, toys, fragrance, electronics, cosmetics, gadgets, and homewares. Oh, even if you have no plans for buying anything, you can still visit the Dubai Mall to enjoy and admire the fancy shop’s displays and sumptuous surroundings. Stores include Chanel, La Perla, Chloe, Aldo, Apple, Clinique, Tiffany and Co, Prada, Dior, Mac, Bose, Lego, Rolex, and many more.

Miracle Garden

Miracle Garden Miracle Garden

Visit to Miracle Garden can be one of the sweet things in your bucket list. The garden is stunning, magical, and breathtaking. You can enjoy the scenic destination and the romantic features of the garden. It is among the most extensive natural flower gardens in the world. The garden amused me by the many eco-friendly initiatives. You cannot afford to miss visiting this place on your Dubai Tour. Miracle Garden contains many beautiful and large floral displays that are impressive and photogenic. Wandering through the garden, inhaling the enticing scents, and admiring the array of flora was an amazing experience. The other unforgettable experience you can have such as observing the peacocks, the gigantic floral clock, the Mickey Mouse topiary, and the gigantic Airbus A360.

They say, “Seeing is Believing,” So come and have a wonderful time in Dubai. Get a lifetime experience and share amazing memories with family and friends. Dubai is a great place for all tourists.

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